Sunless Tanning Hand & Face Brush



Save yourself time, stress, and wasted product with the Sunless Tanning Brush for Face and Body. Due to its flat head design, the brush ensures less mousse or lotion is needed to achieve a flawless tanning application. Win win!



A true treat to use, the soft and fluffy bristles make for a gentle experience while buffing tan onto your skin to perfection. This brush not only results in a longer lasting tan, as it helps product reach a deeper layer of the skin’s epidermis, but it makes contouring your limbs easier than ever. Get ready for that red carpet effect!



*Ensure skin is clean and dry.

*Mix lotion or mousse with your favourite moisturizer.

*Use long, sweeping motions to buff the product into the face and body.

*Blend carefully across the neck, ears, hairline, and joints.

*Avoid the sides of the hands and feet, focusing on the centre part instead.

*Allow tan to dry.

*Leave overnight for best results.

*Repeat process every other evening or as desired.

*Rinse brush with warm water between applications.


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